Standards-Based Coding and Flying with Tello Drones

Tello Drones offer inexpensive opportunities to incorporate standards-based coding, mathematics, and problem-solving skills with safe and durable indoor flight platforms. This 120 minute to half-day workshop introduces participants to the safety and logistical considerations for school-based programs, basic flight parameters and planning, Droneblocks-based coding, and opportunities to create standards-based engineering design challenges.
Participants will:

  • Safely fly Tello Drones using manual controls and the TelloEdu app.
  • Progress through standards-based coding, math, and flight activities
  • Collaborate and scaffold their own activities, lesson plans, and units.
  • Try advanced coding tools, drones, and explore extention tools.

Program Logistics and Registration:

  • Audience: Elementary, secondary and pre-service teachers, program administrators, librarians, technologists, and other educators.
  • This workshop requires a space with tables/chairs for 4-person groups, a whiteboard, and a screen for audio/video.
  • A large open indoor area for flight activities or an extra large classroom.
  • The maximum number of participants is 16 for this program.
  • The cost for this program is $550.00 and travel fees may apply.
  • This program is customizable and can be extended into a full-day experience.
  • Contact Us to book a program or to schedule a design consultation.