Making and Makerspace Projects for STEM and STEAM Learning

This 75-minute to half-day learning module uses makerspace stations, low-cost materials, hand/power tools, and technologies like 3D printers, craft cutters, muscle-wire, and electronics, to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and researched-based introductory activities needed to incorporate making and makerspaces into standards-based classrooms.
Participants will:

  • Learn to safely use a wide variety of tools, materials, and technologies
  • Actively engage in engineering design projects, activities and collaborations
  • Conduct low-cost, standards-based, classroom-ready inquires and projects
  • Receive digital resources, lesson plans and certificates of completion

Program Logistics and Registration:

  • Audience: Elementary, secondary and pre-service teachers, administrators,  librarians, technologists, and informal education providers.
  • This workshop requires a suitable indoor space with tables/chairs for 4-person groups, a black or whiteboard, and a screen for audio/video.
  • The maximum number of participants is 24 for this program.
  • The cost for this program is $500.00 and travel fees may apply.
  • This program is customizable and can be extended into a full-day experience.
  • Contact Us to book a program or to schedule a design consultation.