Introduction to 3D Design and Printing with SketchUp

This half to full-day workshop introduces participants to state of the art 3D printing technologies, provides introductory training and classroom activities for Sketch-Up design software, and a training in the fundamentals and practicalities of classroom printing with Lulzbot or your organization’s printers.
Participants will:

  • Learn about and experience different models of instruction for SketchUp
  • Understand 3D design, printing, CAD and iterative design/rapid prototyping
  • Use design thinking practices to create, edit and print their own projects
  • Understand the mechanics, maintenance and safe use of a typical 3D printer
  • Understand the equipment needs and limits/dangers of filament types
  • Leave with the ability, lesson plans and projects to 3D print in the classroom.

Program Logistics and Registration:

  • Audience: Elementary, secondary and pre-service teachers, program administrators, librarians, technologists, and other service providers.
  • This workshop requires an indoor space with tables/chairs for 4-person groups, a black or whiteboard, a screen for audio/video, and electricity.
  • The maximum number of participants is 16 for this program.
  • The cost for this workshop is $1200.00 and travel fees may apply.
  • This program is customizable and can be extended to a multi-day program.
  • Contact Us to book a program or to schedule a design consultation.