Advanced 3D Design and Makerspace Projects for SketchUp

This half to full-day workshop extends Introduction to 3D Design and Printing with SketchUp with advanced structural components, compound printing and jointing, drawing and visualization tools, incorporating 21st Century materials, as well as makerspace and design thinking projects.
Participants will:

  • Learn to use advanced drawing, visualization and networking tools
  • Collaborate on design thinking projects and rapid prototyping efforts
  • Create projects incorporating or experimenting with advanced materials
  • Leave with the ability to implement project-based learning in a makerspace

Program Logistics and Registration:

  • Audience: Elementary, secondary and pre-service teachers, program administrators, librarians, technologists, and other service providers.
  • This workshop requires an indoor space with tables/chairs for 4-person groups, a black or whiteboard, a screen for audio/video, and electricity.
  • The maximum number of participants is 16 for this program.
  • The cost for this workshop is $1200.00 and travel fees may apply.
  • This program is customizable and can be extended into a multi-day experience.
  • Contact Us to book a program or to schedule a design consultation.