Broader Impacts

Our design team has the expertise and experience to help you design, deliver, and evaluate award-winning community outreach, school-based programming, teacher education workshops, courses, and research experiences. We can provide efficient, turn-key, programs for diverse learners in your community or work with you to build collaborations across campus, or around the world.

With 10 years of experience working on multidisciplinary NSF/EPA/NIH and successful local, regional and global projects to build on, we look forward to helping ensure you exceed all of your broader impact goals. We can work with you and your team to develop a diverse array of programs including:

  • Teacher, High-School, and Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • Graduate, Undergraduate, and Teacher Education Courses
  • School-Based Outreach, Community Events, and Conferences
  • Custom Curriculum, Media, and Education Materials Design

Most projects begin with initial design collaborations, budgets and proposals, but we can engineer programs in-situ and incorporate both internal and external program evaluation. With a network of high-quality instructors, teachers, schools and higher-ed partners across the country, we can deliver:

  • Programs for TAG, low-income, or diverse learners, on and off reservation
  • High-impact programs reaching teachers and learners across a region
  • Targeted teacher professional development workshops and courses
  • Multi-program, multidisciplinary and cross-institution collaborations
  • Staff and student mentoring for outreach and engagement programs
  • Custom education materials, interactives, and web-development services

We believe in blending standards-based learning, cutting-edge technology and refreshing, collaborative approaches to learning, inquiry, and innovation at all levels. We can build programs and resources for learning online, on campus, in the laboratory or in the back-country. We can create traditional lesson plans, develop maker space programs centered on new technology, create meaningful research experiences, or experiential programs to connect learners to the outdoors and your research. Our team mambers have worked projects including:

From proposal to reporting, innovation to publication, Rocky Mountain Education Design provides the expertise, efficient service, technology, and professionalism you expect with low cost and limited overhead. Please Contact Us for more information or to schedule an initial design consultation.