Rocky Mountain Education Design was created in 2010 to serve the needs of the STEM, STEAM, and sustainability movements in Boulder County Colorado. Over the past nine years members of our design team have worked with schools, companies, programs, and researchers from across the country to provide high-quality STEM and STEAM programs, K-12 community outreach, as well as a wide variety of broader impact and teacher learning workshops.

We believe in blending cutting-edge technology, standards-based learning and collaborative approaches to inquiry and innovation at all levels. By grounding our work in the principles of constructive, experiential, and place-based learning with STEM and STEAM themes, we strive to meet the needs of 21st-century teachers and learners. Our team members have collaborated on projects, outreach and community engagement with:

  • The University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for STEM Learning
  • Central Michigan University’s Center for Excellence in STEM Learning
  • Syracuse University’s Biomaterials Research Institute
  • The National Science Foundation’s Critical Zone Observatory Program
  • Boulder Valley, St Vrain, Roaring Fork, and Cherry Creek School Districts
  • Slow Food Boulder County, Slow Food USA, and the Growe Foundation
  • The North American Association for Environmental Education
  • The University of Idaho’s McCall Outdoor Science School
  • The University and National Centers for Atmospheric Research

Meet Our Team:
Eric W. Carpenter, M.Ed, Ed. Spec.
Education Designer and Executive Director

Tiffany B. Cooper, B.S. M.S
Farm-to-Table Programs Manager and CFO

Phyllis Ashe, B.A. M.Ed
Gifted and Talented Programs Manager

Brian Jernigan, B.A. M.Ed.
STEAM and Makerspace Programs Manager