Edison Teacher PD Updates for 2021:

The new school year has brought many challenges, but RM-ED and Edison are still bringing you the very best of Robotics, Coding, and Invention Literacy Programs, updated to meet your changing needs. New to Edison? This low-cost, reliable, and dynamic robotics platform is:

  • Lego compatible and has low-cost, Lego-like blocks and kits available.
  • Capable of being used without coding as a making-innovation platform.
  • Codable with options from K-2 Blocks, Drag and Drop, even Python!
  • Inexpensive, easy to learn, and runs on rechargeable AAA batteries.
  • Classroom ready with standards-based lesson plans and digital tools.

With the capability to outfit an entire robotics makerspace for less than $1500, free digital and printable resources, a global community of teachers, and unlimited opportunities for innovation, Edison is a proven tool for 21st century education. We have worked with experts from Microbric for years, perfecting their resources and our teacher PD programs, with a renewed focus on digital and physical safety.
This year we have added:

  • Options for cleaning and making in a COVID Safe Environment.
  • Microbric’s NEW “Whybricks” pilot program for K-12 teachers.
  • Online and asynchronous collaboration tools and opportunities.
  • Digital safety, virtual and local data storage, and online resources.

Click Here to learn more about opportunities for STEAM and Innovation Programs using Edison Robots!

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