Teacher PD Opportunities Post COVID

We are happy to announce we are now scheduling face-to-face programs for November-December and 2022! It has been a frantic 18 months, and many things have changed, but the introduction en mass of learners to tech-based collaboration tools, on the fly engineering at all levels of education, and a tolerance for new experiences, has paved a pathway for making, innovation, and collaboration that is truly revolutionizing our schools. While there are some things we will be happy to see go, we hope that some of these new opportunities and abilities will help propel teaching and learning into the 21st Century!

We are happy to work with organizations to meet or exceed local COVID 19 requirements and work hard to facilitate programs that are as safe, and as collaborative as possible.

  • All courses will follow local PPE requirements, and masking is encouraged.
  • Most conference and large group format programs have been suspended.
  • Some courses have additional disposable materials fees and printing costs.
  • All common materials and surfaces will be sanitized between participants.
  • Some programs have fewer stations or materials than the original version.
  • Travel costs, PPE needs, and additional materials may impact overall cost.
  • In most cases participants must provide their own or district laptops.
  • Increased levels of coordination and technology support may be needed.

To learn more about our in-person Teacher PD programs visit https://rm-ed.com/teacher-programs/ or listen to Eric’s podcast episode on “Teach Wonder” about how COVID 19 has helped shape the future of education.

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