Flying TelloEdu Drones With Makey Makey and Scratch.

I took student-directed learning to a whole new level this week at St. Vrain Valley’s Innovation Center, by adding TelloEdu drones to our Invention Literacy with Makey Makey and Scratch program! On the last day of this makerspace focused camp, we share other techs that can use drag-drop coding (3D printers, Lego Mindstorms, Edison Robots, etc). I was planning on using DroneBlocks for a coding-demo then came across this great video explaining how to connect MIT’s Scratch to TelloEdu drones using experimental code and Node.js. It was simple to do, the video is great, I learned a lot, and the teams had an amazing time making controllers to fly the drones! They have always loved the tech-expansion activities on the last day, but this Makey Makey design project truly put technology at their fingertips!

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