Edison Robot Hockey With Makey Makey and Scratch-based Interactive Goals

Here is a short clip from one of the teams at our Classroom Coding, Robotics and Innovation STEAM Studio in Granby CO. This is a hockey rink made with materials from our portable makerspace and connected to a laptop running MIT’s Scratch, through a Makey Makey device.  When the students score a goal (which they eventually do) the foil-wrapped puck completes a circuit, activates the Makey Makey, which in turn runs a code on MIT’s Scratch that plays a pre-recorded cheer and “GOAL!” and keeps score of the game! What a great set of integrated STEM and STEAM innovations (not to mention teamwork, collaboration and design thinking) from this team of middle school students!
#STEM #STEAM #makeymakey #meetedison #edisonrobots #makerspace #coding #lego


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