Inspiring STEAM Integration and Student Innovation in Steamboat

Teachers and learners from across Northwest Colorado came together for a great day of science, technology and inventing at our Classroom Coding, Robotics and Innovation STEAM Studio Program at Northwest BOCES in Steamboat Springs. STEAM Studios are hybrid teacher learning and 4th-12th grade enrichment programs that combine to form one of the most powerful teacher PD models I have ever used! According to the teachers:

  • “It was a great day of hands-on learning that can easily transfer to the classroom.”
  • “A different, 21st Century, method of teaching and learning that can motivate students to be more involved, inspired and collaborative.”
  • “Today opened my eyes, and my students, to a world of possibilities in STEM.”
  • “It is inspirational and meaningful for me and my students.”


The CCRI STEAM Studio blends the innovation and STEAM potential of Makey Makey devices and our traveling makerspace, with cutting-edge coding and lego-based design projects with Edison Robots . With more than half the day dedicated to design thinking and prototyping, the products, process and teacher-learning combine for  a “great, hands-on day of activities, creativity and STEM-integration!”


With 4th-8th grade teams, we had over 20 great innovations and some of the most creative projects my staff and I have ever seen! There were inspiring service learning projects, creative teaching and learning tools, some engineering marvels, and a robotic cat that moves, plays and purrs. One team even built an electronic ordering system in the Makey Makey Makerspace and a fleet of Edison Robot waiters to deliver the food! It was like “seeing them engineer the future right in front of our eyes” and a truly great day for everyone! For more information on bringing our STEAM Studio programs to your school or district reach out on our Contact Us page.

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