Edison Robot’s new curriculum brings innovation and design thinking to the Salida and St. Vrain Valley School Districts

In September Microbric and Edison Robotics replaced their original EdWare software with the new EdScratch programming language, which is easy to use and has a lot of great features. They also released the new EdScratch Lesson Plan Set and Teacher’s Guide. The new curriculum, which is innovation, design and computer-science focused, forms the core of our new Edison teacher workshop called Classroom Coding and Standards-Based Robotics with Edison. Teachers from the Salida and St. Vrain Valley School District’s helped pilot the new workshop and had a lot of great things to say:

  • “I really love Edison, they are perfect for my middle school classroom!”
  • “I liked the simplicity of the platform and the opportunities for design thinking.”
  • “This was a great workshop and gave me lots of ideas for my classroom and makerspace!”
  • “I like the block and python coding options, they help transfer these skills to real-world coding.”
  • “I enjoyed the growth mindset, innovation and STEM ideas built into the program!”
  • “My favorite part was the STEAM options (drawing and music) and the Lego building projects!”
  • “My students are going to LOVE playing Edison Soccer!”

If you have not had a chance to try Edison Robots, join our Secure Mailing List to learn about metro and statewide workshops as they are scheduled. If you are interested in bringing Edison Robots to your school, or want to learn more about our STEM and STEAM programs, please visit our Teacher Programs Page.


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